1. Contact
  2. Connect Me
  3. Diamonds
  4. If You Go This Time
  5. System
  6. Fire
  7. Tough Enough
  8. Automatic Drive
  9. Chaperone Sally
  10. I Might Have You
  11. Beauty Of The Beast

After Platinum Blonde’s second album — a massive success in the band’s homeland of Canada, stiffed in the States — the group’s members disappeared for a couple of years. When they re-emerged in late 1987, they brought with them one of those albums that screams, “This one had better be a hit — or these guys are gone.” (Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and they were.) Guided by multiple producers, including Bernard Edwards (Chic, Duran Duran, Power Station), Platinum Blonde lost some of the magical new wave/AOR balance that had made it so successful. Instead, Contact found the band barking up several trees at once, searching vainly for that elusive American smash. They tried big beat, Power Station-style rock on the title track (ironically, not produced by Edwards); went for the heartstrings on the radio-ready ballad “I Might Have You,” and turned in a cover of the Ohio Players’ “Fire” bad enough to make you believe the label insisted on it. Yet, for all the album’s faults, many of the songs were actually quite strong, and, overall, Contact wound up being an enjoyable, if not particularly coherent, effort.

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